Family and Local History PGCert

School of Humanities

Planning a career as a genealogist or researching your family tree? Learn how to locate, read, and use available sources and archives to carry out your research

Start date

May 2021


30 months max

Study mode

Distance Learning



We teach family and local history by focusing on the skills, sources and archives that will assist your research.

Our emphasis is very much on the records themselves. You’ll develop a thorough understanding of record types, the reason for their creation, their location, and the information they contain. By gaining this knowledge, you will have an awareness of the historical context in which records were created and used and develop an expertise in finding, analysing, and interpreting records for family and local history research.

You’ll receive a lot of online content right from the start and benefit from our flexible teaching model that allows students to take semesters off and learn from subject experts.

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