Judge Zhiguo Gao

Honorary Fellow

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Dr Zhiguo Gao has a BA and LLM (Peking), LLM (Washington, JSD (Dalhousie) and Post-Doctorate (Hawaii). He joined the CEPMLP as a Lecturer of Laws in 1994 from the East- West Centre in Honolulu.

Dr Gao has held a number of positions as a senior administrative, policy and legal official in China.

In recent years, he has carried out research and consultancy work for law firms on business with China and for petroleum and mineral companies on their international operations. Dr Gao has published widely in the areas of international law of the sea and international petroleum law. He has a particular interest and expertise in the marine and petroleum law and policy of developing countries in general and the Asia- Pacific region in particular.

At the CEPMLP he teaches courses in International Environmental Law and Environmental Law, International Comparative Petroleum Law and Policy and Environmental Law and Policy for Natural Resources and Energy.

More recently, Dr Gao won the prestigious Willoughby Prize for excellence in natural resources and energy law research.