Mark Wallace


Contemporary Art Practice, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design

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+44 (0)1382 385578


The urban landscape and its various psycho geographies of sound and vision are central to Mark Wallace’s practice, which spans traditional art forms such as drawing and printmaking as well as new technologies such as digital imaging and sound production.

At its conceptual core is a persistent refusal to accept surface values, and a desire to peer beyond our immediate architecture in search of hidden sources. His prints, collages, animations and video works use social, cultural and political satire as a means of deconstructing power structures and dismantling consensus realities. Symbolic systems are subverted through his re-appropriation of existing iconographies, coloured by his innate wit and humour, and taking inspiration from a wide range of references including all forms of street and urban art, records, films, posters, collage, abstract painting, graphic novels, comic strips, esoteric symbolism, and modernist architecture

A further, often related, aspect of his work is his music production and DJing, which similarly responds to the patterns and morphologies of his urban environment, thriving on a collision between abstract sonic experimentation and club culture. Integral to Mark’s on going research is the manifest and integral relationships between the sonic and the visual, as seen in his parallel visual outputs of record covers, labels, and posters.

Mark has worked as a creative consultant for STV and has exhibited his work nationally and internationally, and has work in several private collections.