Magnus Ericsson

Honorary Fellow

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Partner and co-founder of the Raw Materials Group (RMG). RMG is one of Europe's leading, independent group of mineral economists and mineral strategy/policy analysts.

RMG specialises in global analysis of the mining industry starting with the proprietary ownership and production database Raw Materials Data. Raw Materials Data covers both the global metals and coal industries in great detail. It covers all mines in the world going back to 1984. In late 2008 an iron ore database will be launched.

The Raw Materials Group monitors the structure of the global mining industry and surveys all mergers and acquisitions in the sector since more than a decade.

Magnus Ericsson has been engaged all around the world in his consultancy work albeit with a special focus on Africa. He is advising governments, international organisations and the mining industry extensively. A particular focus has been placed on developing government mining promotion strategies, including reviews of legislation and regulations and setting up innovative financial structures.

Mr Ericsson obtained his MSc in chemical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm in 1973 and has almost 20 years of management experience from Scandinavian industry prior to joining the RMG full time in 1991. He is a member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences of Sweden.