Iain Rennie


Nursing, School of Nursing and Health Sciences

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+44 (0)1382 385053


11 Airlie Place


Systematic review of the definitions of Palliative Care, Self Care and Palliative Nursing.

Quantitative research study for dissertation on mentorship.

Study on the effect of education on transfusion practice.

Current interest in the tools and methods employed in distance teaching.


Undergraduate teaching: within the School’s pre-registration programme primarily around face to face clinical skills teaching and stand in for additional uncovered sessions and lectures.

Shared Undergraduate teaching: ethics in conjunction with the medical school.

Post registration teaching: BSc as personal tutor and module tutor. Module leader of Management of Aggressive Behaviour. Member of module teams: Management of Aggressive Behaviour, Challenging the Experience of Pain, Ethics, Evidence Based Wound Care, Leading and Managing Change, Promoting Health and Wellbeing, Special study and Developing Evidence Based Practice.

Postgraduate teaching: MPC, MSc and MN programmes as personal tutor and module tutor. Co module leader for Professional Development as a Practice Educator. Member of module teams: Developing Research Skills and Personal and Professional Development as a Practice Educator.