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Caroline is a forensic researcher at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI), and PhD student at the Leverhulme Research Centre of Forensic Sciences, University of Dundee. Prior to her relocation to the Northern hemisphere, Caroline obtained her certificate of fingerprint expertise in Australia and spent 13 years as a Forensic Officer with the Victoria Police Forensic Services Department. Her core duties included crime scene attendance, laboratory processing, mortuary attendance, fingermark comparison, and preparing reports and offering expert witness testimony. Caroline is the ANZFSS 2014 Allan Hodda Memorial Award recipient, has attended and presented at numerous international conferences, twice as a keynote speaker. She is passionate about the training and education, and ongoing development of fingerprint subject matter expertise. In particular the articulation of expert reasoning using computer assisted platforms. She is an advocate for strengthening the science through beyond border collaboration and institutional connectivity, and sees value in the movement toward a logical framework.