Alan Vardy

Emeritus Professor

Civil Engineering, School of Science and Engineering

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Alan Vardy was appointed to the Chair of Civil Engineering in 1979 and was Head of Department until 1985 when he began a period of 4 years as the University Deputy Principal. He was then awarded an Industrial Fellowship by the Royal Society and SERC, enabling him to work part-time at Mott MacDonald in Croydon for 4 years developing a long-standing wish to promote safety in operational road and rail tunnels. He has chaired 5 international conferences on Safety in Road and Rail Tunnels, 2 on Tunnel Control and Communication and 3 on Aerodynamics and Ventilation of Vehicle Tunnels and he has organised dozens of international seminars and workshops on tunnel operation and unsteady fluid flows. Alan has four degrees - BSc, PhD & DEng (Leeds) and DSc (Dundee). He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.


  • Skin friction in transient flows
  • Numerical errors in Method of Characteristics analyses
  • Evolution of steep-fronted waves in long pipes and ducts
  • Micro-pressure waves (sonic booms) from railway tunnels
  • On-line predictive control of road tunnels