Nietzsche module (PI41027)

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  • Semester 1
  • Level 4
  • Philosophy

The module will involve an overview of Nietzsche’s entire writing career, focusing on some key texts from each of the ‘early,’ ‘middle,’ and ‘late’ periods. Such texts may include ‘On Truth and Lies in the Nonmoral Sense,’ The Birth of Tragedy, ‘The Uses and Disadvantages of History for Life,’, The Gay ScienceBeyond Good and Evil, The Genealogy of Morals, and Twilight of the Idols. It will examine various interpretations of his most famous and contentious ideas, including nihilism, the Apollonian and the Dionysian, the critique of morality, the critique of truth, the will to power, the eternal return, and the ‘overhuman.’ It will examine these ideas in light of some of the most prominent commentators on his work, such as Martin Heidegger, Gilles Deleuze, Walter Kaufmann, and of some of the most important recent scholarship. 

  • 1 short essay, 1,500 words (40%)
  • 1 long essay, 3,000 words (60%)