Biomedical Engineering Project module (ME52002)

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  • SHE level 5 (MSc)


  • 90 credits


  • To provide an opportunity to develop skills in research, investigative methods and design in an area of biomedical engineering of interests;
  • To develop a high level of competence in a particular biomedical engineering topic;
  • To develop in  the  conduct  of  a  project  requiring  individual responsibility and initiative;
  • To provide guidance in working independently on a project;
  • To develop and improve skills in project planning and implementation, team working and communication with peers and experts.

Intended learning outcomes:

  • Able to establish a testable hypothesis  or project aim (objective) within a biomedical engineering context.
  • Competence in project management including planning, scheduling and resource identification.
  • Mastery of a complex and specialised area of knowledge and skill, including the ability to undertake a critical review of the published literature.
  • Competence in conducting a research project, including designing and executing a significant piece of independent research work to test a hypothesis or achieve a project aim.
  • Ability to analyse, evaluate and appraise experimental results.
  • Competence in writing to accepted academic standards.
  • Competence in delivering a presentation to a professional standard.
  • Confidence in oral defence of original work.
  • Skill in self-management, independent learning, critical thinking, problem-solving and communication, team working.      

The module comprises of:

  • a project selected by the student in consultation with project supervisors;
  • preparation of an interim report, summarising the main aims of the project, research strategy and literature review related to the project;
  • a thesis

The process requires you to:

  • Define agreed project objectives. Projects will generally be part of a larger group research activity and will require the student to work as a team member.
  • Identify appropriate techniques, project structure and timetable.
  • Undertake a literature review.
  • Produce an interim report summarising and reviewing the literature on the project topic.
  • Undertake a period of research or development work, or  a combination of both, according to the project type.
  • Attend regular progress meetings with the project supervisor.
  • Describe the project in its entirety in a written dissertation that complies with academic publishing conventions and presents a critical analysis of the results or findings, draws conclusions and make recommendations for further work.
  • Prepare a poster on the work.
  • Prepare and deliver a presentation as part of the viva voce.

Teaching and learning:

  • Students are expected to be self-motivated in conducting their project, enhancing their technical competence and building self- sufficiency.
  • Supervisors will provide support and guidance.
  • There will be a total of 900 module hours.

When taught:

  • Semester 2.

Modes of delivery & student participation:

  • Supervised MSc research project.


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