Continuing Writing: The Creative Writing Dissertation

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The Creative Writing Dissertation gives you the opportunity to utilise all creative, aesthetic and scholarly resources that are relevant to the completion of your manuscript and its accompanying introduction.

At the end of the period of writing and study in your area you will have gained the confidence and sense of ability that comes with postgraduate research activity.

This alone sets your creative practice in a serious, objective context that is a proper indication of your sense of yourself as a writer and artist – and gives you, upon completion and presentation of your masters Creative Writing Dissertation, a literary example that you can use as an marker for all other creative and intellectual work that may follow.


  • One writing project agreed by student and supervisor - up to a limit of 15,000 words (80%)
  • One critical introduction or essay reflecting on aspects of the above work - total 3,000 words (20%)



Prof Kirsty Gunn


The writing of the Dissertation, or Manuscript, will be led by individual supervision - guiding you along the way in all aspects of writing, editing and completion of a piece of creative work.

There will be three individual supervisory meetings throughout the semester, supplemented with feedback provided by email.