Modernism and Modernity module (EN32005)

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  • Level 3
  • Semester 1
  • English - School of Humanities
  • Coursework 100%

This module studies poetry and fiction from 1890-1945. It explores the concept of Modernism, as a series of experimental styles, in relation to modernity, the social and political contexts Modernism responded to (such as technological change, urbanism, psychology, feminism, World War I).

Topics include:

  • Space and Time
  • Technology and the Cinema
  • Short Stories
  • Modernising Poetry
  • Intertextuality
  • Sexuality and Gender
  • Nationalism
  • Urbanism and Neo-Pastoral
  • The Great War
  • Consciousness and the Unconscious
  • 'Mass-Civilization' and Minority Culture


Dr Keith Williams


This module will be taught by weekly two-hour seminar plus weekly one-hour lectures over 11 weeks. Seminars may include presentations, student-led discussion and/or class exercises.


This module is assessed as follows:

  • Eight weekly journal entries (50%) [4,000 words in total]
  • One essay (50%) [3,000 words]


Featured Writers

  • T.S. Eliot
  • James Joyce
  • D.H. Lawrence
  • Katherine Mansfield
  • Poets of the Great War
  • H.G. Wells
  • Rebecca West
  • Virginia Woolf
  • W.B. Yeats

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