Practicing Creative Writing module (EN22007)

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  • Level 2
  • Semester 2
  • English - School of Humanities
  • Coursework 100%


This module develops your skills as a creative writer through engagement with a range of critical, formal and stylistic ‘problems.’ In lectures and workshops, you will investigate how within major genres of literature (poetry, prose fiction, prose non-fiction, drama and others) complex questions can be asked which themselves prompt new creative work. You are invited to explore current issues relevant to practicing contemporary writers, to develop an innovative body of creative work, and to learn how your own writing forms a process of inquiry.


Dr Johanna Linsley


  • Creative portfolio: 60%
  • Writer’s manifesto: 30%
  • Workshop Participation: 10%

Module Aims

  • To build on techniques and approaches introduced in EN11011 (Introduction to Creative Writing) in a broad and open sense that is also accessible to direct entry students. Students will deepen their engagement with the toolkit to which they may already have been introduced, including the important skills of editing and responding critically to others’ work (both set texts and the work of their peers), as well as the production of creative texts in a range of forms and genres.
  • To introduce students to critical, formal and stylistic ‘problems’ to which various modes of creative writing address themselves. Students will develop an understanding of how a practice of creative writing can constitute an intellectual inquiry and will get a sense of the parameters of such inquiries by engaging with a series of established writing practices.
  • To develop skills in articulating their own creative ‘problems’ towards the creation of an independently produced creative portfolio. Where the Introduction to Creative Writing workshops are structured through a series of writing prompts, this module supports students to set their own frameworks.