Introduction to Memoir and Creative Non-Fiction

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  • Level 1
  • Semester 1
  • English - School of Humanities
  • Coursework 100%
  • Tuesday evening classes 18.00 to 20.00


This module provides an introduction to a number of key texts and workshop exercises, and demonstrates through class teaching how to respond to these – critically and creatively. Weekly exercises are designed to develop new writing skills and confidence in voice, tone, style and form of written work. The aims of the module are:

  • To encourage transformative learning through creative life writing as part of personal development. 
  • To provide knowledge and understanding of concepts and theories of personal development through life writing, reflexivity and an exploration of self. 
  • To provide knowledge and understanding of different forms of life writing including autobiographical and biographical forms through the study of key texts. 
  • To allow students to gain new writing skills 
  • To build confidence in writing and presenting, discussing relevant literature, and critically reviewing creative work.
  • To provide the opportunity to initiate and develop personal writing projects.
  • To provide an introduction to the skills required in taking a degree, particularly those in which creative and reflective writing is a component, and skills related to using creative practice as part of personal development irrespective of previous qualifications.

Designed to articulate with 10 Credit Module ‘Starting Writing’ as an additional creative writing module at this level, but may be taken as a stand-alone course.  Suitable for all levels and ages, including academic and support staff.


Josephine Jules Andrews

Teaching staff

Lindsay MacGregor, Eddie Small


The teaching is carried out in workshops and seminars that allow for a good deal of personal interaction and group discussion where every member of the class participates, in creating both critical and imaginative responses.

Academic support for these classes is provided via leaflets and brochures, reading materials and lists, vle and guided self-study.