Creative Values, Issues and Ethics module (DJ31014)

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Design values, issues and ethics can now impact on the way in which organisations liaise with their customer or the way in which they design products and systems. You or your organisation’s design intention will be critically investigated through an interdisciplinary group project using a design process framework.

This module introduces the ‘bigger picture’ for design activity and its intervention for 21st century creative practice. It will promote environmental design values, issues and ethics, empowering you to participate and act through design outcomes both visual and written.

Consumer culture, market driven economies and issue driven agendas will be explored in relation to design values, issues and ethics, promoting an individual philosophy within a changing environment.

This module will complement your design or science discipline allowing you to investigate a deeper level of awareness of creativity and the environment.


  • To promote an awareness of the role of design values, issues and ethics within the context of 21st century design.
  • To introduce the tools and techniques to enable participation in a sustainable and ethical design practice and reflect upon the design process.
  • To promote the investigation of emerging activity where design thinkers are agents for change, to sustain and maintain human well-being.
  • To introduce design values and ethical issues through creative practice.


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