Mineral Resources Policy and Economics (by Distance Learning) module (CP50014)

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All too often mineral policies are developed without any proper understanding of the economic forces which influence all aspects of the mineral industries.

Unless they work with those forces, rather than against them, policies are doomed to fail, no matter how well-intentioned or desirable they might appear.

Whilst the various sectors of the hard-rock mineral industries share common features, each is influenced by different factors.

This course explains, in a straightforward and common-sense fashion, the main characteristics of the major sectors and the many forces working on demand, supply and prices.

It is often overlooked that mining is primarily economic activity.

The lectures and notes bring out the various conflicting aims and objectives of all concerned with the industries and give an overall view of the economic context for all the legal and policy issues facing the minerals industry without becoming unduly enmeshed in whatever is presently of fashionable concern.



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