Environmental Law and Policy for Natural Resources and Energy (by Distance Learning) module (CP50012)

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This is a tailor-made course specifically designed for those students who specialise in energy and natural resources law and policy. The module is based on a transnational approach: it combines elements of international and comparative environmental law and deals with selected issues central to understanding legal and policy issues related to extractive industries and power generation. It addresses, in particular, environmental impacts and aspects of on-land and offshore exploration, production and transportation of petroleum, mining operations, nuclear energy safety and disposal of radioactive waste, and use of fossil fuels, including transboundary air pollution and global climate effects. A special emphasis is placed on examining various environmental tools (such as standards, EIA, environmental managements systems) that provide solutions of environmental problems in different national regulatory systems, both developed (UK and USA) and developing.

Module leader

Dr Sergei Vinogradov