Project Management module (CE50029)

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The aim of this module is to provide you with an understanding of what is involved in managing projects. Most of this understanding will come directly from your own experiences in the units of the module, where you will experience project management in two distinct ways.

  1. Being involved in a project team, either as a leader or a team member: you will experience first-hand some of the problems of projects, and the issues involved in running the project, co-ordinating the team, completing the task, etc.
  2. Through real life examples: you will observe how industry copes with projects.  This will provide exposure to the range of different projects that take place, and the sort of problems project managers face in real life.

Topics you will study in this module include:

  • Teams and teamwork:  projects use teams extensively, this will look at how teams work and you can lead a team
  • Project success:  how to manage a project to be successful, understanding how success may mean different things to various people interested in the project
  • Feasibility: exploring how we assess the finances of project to ensure they are viable
  • Risk: how we manage uncertainty on projects, and tools that can be used to predict the effects of risks
  • Design: the process of managing design on projects, generating design ideas, and the design process
  • Procurement:  how we organise the different groups involved on larger projects, managing the relationships and building trust between people