We have prepared a range of information sheets based on frequently asked questions.

Extending your student visa

Factsheet 1 Preparing to extend your student visa in the UK
Factsheet 1 Appendix 2 ‌Now part of Preparing to extend your student visa in the UK
Factsheet 2 Submitting your student visa application in the UK using UKVCAS
Factsheet 19 ‌Now part of Preparing to extend your student visa in the UK
Factsheet 20 Doctorate Extension Scheme
Factsheet 8 Tier 4 Student Visa Terms & Conditions

General immigration

Factsheet 4

Bring your family to the UK while you study using a Student visa‌

Factsheet 6 Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)‌
Factsheet 7 Working after studies
Factsheet 9 Visas for Family and friends visiting you in the UK
Factsheet 10

Apply for a Standard Visitor visa for short courses or Graduation‌

Factsheet 11 Schengen Visa
Factsheet 12 Brexit - applying for settled or pre-settled status
Factsheet 21

Biometric Residence Permit Collection (for new arrivals) - see Welcome pages

Factsheet 22

Lost Passports, Visas, or BRPs

Factsheet 23 Apply for a Start-up visa as an entrepreneur

Practical guidance

Factsheet 13 Working during your Studies and applying for a National Insurance Number
Factsheet 14 Banking Information
Factsheet 15 Registration with the Police - (currently suspended as of Jan 2021) see Welcome for updates
Factsheet 16 Information for Families
Factsheet 17 Private Accommodation - Frequently Asked Questions
Factsheet 24 Healthcare for EEA Students