Map your School of Life Sciences shared drives

Updated on 14 September 2023

Find out how to map your School of Life Sciences shared drives to your desktop and access the files you have stored there. You need to launch a script from AppsAnywhere to do this.

On this page
  1. Open AppsAnywhere (use University credentials to log in if asked) and search for Map School of Life Sciences Shares
  2. Hover over Map School of Life Sciences Shares and select Launch
  3. Enter your LIFESCI-AD credentials (username may be different to your University one) in the black window when it appears and click OK to run the script
  4. The script will conduct a number of commands and take a few minutes to run - once it's completed, click OK in the dialogue box that appears confirming how many shares have been mapped
  5. To access your Shares, select the This PC shortcut on your desktop

If your access to Life Sciences shared drives changes, you can re-run the script at any time by repeating the above steps. This will add / remove the shares you have access to accordingly.


  • If you entered the wrong password, try running the script again
  • If you entered the wrong username, try rebooting your computer then re-running the script

If neither of the above worked, remove your saved LIFESCI-AD credentials from the Credential Manager. 

  1. Search for Credential Manager in the task bar, click on it
  2. Toggle to Windows Credentials to find and remove your saved LIFESCI-AD details. (See below) 
  3. Re-run the script. 
Screen grab showing the Credential manager with the options to select Windows Credentials