Set up fingerprint reader on your HP laptop

Updated on 7 July 2023

For staff who want to use their fingerprint to log in to their HP laptop instead of typing their password

On this page

Open the Synaptics Fingerprint Manager

Windows Staff Desktop

Go to the Start Menu, select All Programs, and scroll down to the Synaptics folder to select Synaptics FMA.

Non-managed computer

Install the driver from the HP website if your laptop was purchased from the University's Hardware Catalogue.

You may want to remove your laptop from its docking station at this point to make your next steps easier.

Register your fingerprint


  1. Go to Synaptics FMA in your Start Menu (may need to use search to find it)
  2. Once the Fingerprint Application Manager loads, click the Get Started button
  3. Enter your University password and click Next
  4. Select the finger you want to use to log in by clicking the white circle around it in the diagram (repeat this to add more)
  5. Keep running your fingerprint over the reader until the Finger enrolled successfully! message appears
  6. Select Finish and then close the window

You should then be able to log on to your laptop using your fingerprint. You may need to enter your password the first time you log on to enable fingerprint log in for your account.