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Updated on 22 July 2022

Develop your transferable skills and gain recognition for them through one of our Dundee Plus programmes

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The Dundee Plus programme helps you develop transferable skills through constructive activities and experiences. You will get recognition for these skills, and be able to communicate both these and your achievements, making a great addition to your CV.

We offer a number of different awards through the Dundee Plus programme and you are able to take part in any programme at any point during your time at Dundee.

Global Plus

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Global Plus can help you get recognition for the skills that you have developed while travelling.

It is for UK students who plan to study abroad, complete an internship, or work at a summer camp. It's also for international students studying here, who are in a role such as Student Ambassador, or society office bearer.

Visit the CareersPortal and select Global Plus

Leadership Plus

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Leadership Plus will help you to develop your leadership skills.

The programme runs for a full academic year and is available if you are in a role which involves an element of leadership such as within a club, society, or part-time job.

Learn more about Leadership Plus

Business Plus

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Business Plus allows you to gain recognition for the skills you develop through business related activities such as business games and part-time work, volunteering or internships.

Visit the CareersPortal and select Business Plus

School Tutoring Programme Plus

Student helping school pupils

The School Tutoring Programme is not currently available, however, please check out the opportunity for gaining experience available through the School Volunteer Programme.

Find out More about the School Volunteer Programme

Your Dundee Plus

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Your Dundee Plus is a personal skills development programme which recognises and adds value to the activities you engage with outside your degree.

You can reflect upon the skills you are developing, communicate your achievements, and investigate your desired career pathway.

Visit the CareersPortal and select Your Dundee Plus

Volunteer Plus

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The Volunteer Plus Award has been designed to help you identify and get recognition for and communicate the skills you develop through volunteering and is a great addition to your CV.

Visit the CareersPortal and select Volunteer Plus

Public Engagement Plus

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If you've taken, or intend to take, part in public engagement activities, this award will help you gain recognition for your achievements.

This programme will help you identify, develop, and communicate the skills you've gained.

Visit the CareersPortal and select Public Engagement Plus