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Updated on 21 April 2022

Book a vehicle for University business and read the rules for using it.

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You must be a registered/authorised driver

Prospective users of vehicles must complete a drivers declaration and hold a valid 'Authority to Drive' issued by the Finance Office before being allowed to drive.

Vehicles may only be used for University Business and under the auspices of a School, College or SASS Directorate.

Keys collection and drop-off

Keys to the vehicles are kept in the Estates Office or other identified location.  On completion of a journey please return keys promptly.

Vehicle checklist

A vehicle checklist is available in each vehicle. It is the drivers’ responsibility to check the road worthiness of the vehicle prior to each journey.  Please note that checks on the tyre condition and pressure, oil and other fluid levels are also undertaken regularly by the Estates Department.

Vehicle log-sheet

The vehicle log sheet, which is kept in the vehicle, MUST be fully completed at the end of each journey.  The sheet logs the journey date, journey start & end mileage and destination.  The form must be signed (initialled).

30 minute rule

If a vehicle is not taken within 30 minutes of a booking, that booking is deemed cancelled and the vehicle may be used by someone else.

Honouring bookings

If a vehicle is booked and then not used charges may be levied. Re-fuelling:Please ensure that the vehicle is left with plenty of fuel and that it is clean. A fuel card is available from the Estates Office, otherwise advise the Helpdesk that fuel is required at time of return. Fuel cards must be used when re-fuelling the departmental vehicles.

Electric vehicles and charging

The BMW i3 has a range of approximately 120 miles on a full charge, the electric van has a range of 20 miles, please be aware of this when booking the electric vehicles; please also ensure it is put on charge when the vehicle is returned.

Mechanical problems

Please report any problems to the Estates Helpdesk or as soon as possible.

Vehicle bookings and mileage entries will be monitored. Please be considerate to other users by complying with the rules. Failure to comply with the rules may result in a driver being removed from the authorise driver list.

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