Add software to your non-managed University computer

Updated on 7 July 2023

Some licences allow staff to install software on their non-managed computer

On this page

Contact the Service Desk to request software for your non-managed University computer. Submitting a request doesn't mean you will definitely get the software for free.

What happens next?

IT assess your request to determine whether to give you software licenced by the University. We base the decision on factors such as the:

  • Business reason for having a non-managed computer
  • Age and specification of your non-managed computer
  • Need for the piece of software

IT isn't responsible for supporting you with the software (if given) as it is not on a standard desktop. Should any issues arise beyond installation, you're normally responsible for resolving them.

Buying licences for other software

All requests for software licences should be made through the Service Desk.

Why you shouldn't buy software yourself

IT manage licence requests to make sure the University's software subscriptions:

  • Remain cost effective
  • Reflect the changing needs of our community
  • Are legally and financially compliant

Buying in other ways may lead to the University being in breach of software licences and could incur heavy penalties.