Stuart Waitt

Architecture with Urban Planning RIBA Part 2 MArch (Hons)

Integrating sport and recreation into Dundee's city landscape through elite sport events, grass-root engagement, and active travel.


Portrait of Stuart Waitt.

Through research and personal interest, I have considered initiatives to bring people back into the city centre to participate in sport and recreation which are not connected to commercial uses. I have examined the potential of sport in all its forms to transform the city physically, our perception of it, socially, and economically. The idea is to create a city which uses sport and recreation for its resident’s health and wellbeing, and tourism.

Using three main types of engagement the project utilises sport and recreation as a driver to alter the way in which the city is used and perceived. These are:

  • Elite sport events which attract spectators and associated activity.
  • Grass-root engagement which supports health and wellbeing.
  • Active travel which encourages green modes of travel and frees up space in the city centre currently given over to the car.

Reimagining the city landscape aims to achieve goals of a more liveable, sustainable, and productive city.

To create a sport and recreation culture in Dundee the city must be envisioned as an active landscape for urban exploration and activity. By utilising existing infrastructure the expectation is that it becomes an integral part of the landscape, introducing a new sub-culture to the city. The use of sport can have a role as a tool for placemaking and contributing to better use of the city’s fabric.

Active Travel at West Bell Street Car Park

Image shows a new active travel routes in Dundee through the implementation of ramps for bike and pedestrian users. A rodelbahn track twists underneath. The scene is filled with trees. Overhead passes a new gondola system which connects west bell street car park and dundee college.

Sport climbing at Dundee College

The scene shows the former dundee college building. Through structure for the new gondola a climber is scaling the building whilst someone else is abseiling. The rodelbahn twists through the image.

Cliff jumping at Dundee College

The scene shows the former dundee college building and end station for the gondola. A installed bothy like structures perches on the roof. The start point and track for the rodelbhan can be seen, which weaves around the existing structure. Cliff jumping event is taking place, with the diver mid-jump.