Paige Fairweather

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

Visually inspired by waterfalls: this collection conveys the cycle of fast fashion, lined with many metaphors to suggest the ebb and flow of the industry.



My project considers the broader issues within the fashion and textile industry. I began by researching wastewater from the textile dying processes, leading me to themes of overconsumption and abundance. 
Visually I have been inspired by many things, particularly waterfalls. I look to this as a visual metaphor for the fast fashion cycle, constant and churning but simultaneously a spectacle that draws us in. Waterfalls are something we go to visit and admire, standing in front of one can be both deafening and serene, yet another metaphor for the global fashion system. A hugely complex industry with numerous problematic effects on people and planet, yet fashion, clothing and textiles removed from this system can be empowering, comforting and positive addition to art and culture. 
I focused mainly on structural development to translate my visual research. Paying close attention to movement in my work and conveying this mostly through manipulating knitted structures. Colour has been a useful tool which I have applied purposefully to enhance my knitted work. Initially exploring neutral tones with the addition of bolder neon colours – a nod to the toxic, man-made elements within my research. The final collection focuses on timeless, luxury fabrics for fashion, with a hint of drama and quirk.

Two samples are shown, the front knitted sample is a textured pleated technique which gradients between grey and orange. Behind there is a purple sample also containing pleats as well as more of a textural ripple effect, creating more of a 3D look.
This image includes hands to visualise the samples in more of a fashion context. Therefore the samples wrap around hands and are rested upon more grey and lilac textural knitting. With pops of green and orange appearing amongst the samples.
This image contained only two posed arms both draped in knitted samples. The first is a purple and green pleated piece and behind a pale grey sample with a green tip, this is also pleats which flares out and features more rippled areas of more of a ‘bubbly’ texture.