Ailie Maconochie

Architecture with Urban Planning RIBA Part 2 MArch (Hons)

An exploration of material, from source to structure, within the construction industry and how change is required to create environmentally conscious buildings.


profile photograph of Ailsa Maconochie

Environmental sustainability, circular economies and regenerative cities rely upon reshaping society's approach to resources, manufacture, and construction. Moving from linear to circular systems which consider the environmental impact of processes and availability of local materials at all stages of construction.  Considering local production and re-evaluating land use to include potential sources of sustainable construction material has both environmental and potential economic benefits.  The reforestation of Scotland and the growth of alternative bio-based construction material is essential to developing regenerative construction practices.  Using available natural resources, the project looks to reinvent Dundee as a carbon neutral industrial city.  Utilising vacant spaces and forming a practical training, business, and research centre specialising in developing environmentally sustainable construction skills and materials in the heart of the city.

Community Retrofit of 80 Commercial Street

Image shows an axonometric coloured line drawing 80 Commercial Street highlighting existing and retrofitted areas.  Construction material sources are mapped.

Materials Library Shelf

The image shows a woman looking at a range of environmentally conscious materials arranged on a set of interlocking plywood and OSB shelves.

Mapping Material Processes

This image traces the journey of a large range of raw materials through manufacturing processes to useable construction products.