Noah Moray Parker

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

A life size immersive installation inspired by passages and alleys in Dundee using light, texture and sound.


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This project has been a combination of learning new skills, enjoying access to workshops and a fascination with finding shortcuts and passages through Dundee.

At different times of day, and of the year, the experience and perception of an alley change with light and sound. It is a transitional space, not just as a physical way of getting to a destination, but from a public to a personal situation. In this way, an alley can be an easy way home or something unfamiliar, even threatening.

This ambiguous social environment is interesting because these spaces are often neglected for being out of sight, even the texture of the walls reflects a back-end patchwork of building styles and materials. Audio recordings, film and a scanning process called photogrammetry were used to document these surroundings around Dundee.

This evidence was then distorted with a variety of processes to create this abstract accumulation of texture and noises, each time adding a new characteristic through software, material properties and human error.