Neil McCulloch

Fine Art BA (Hons)

Shadow Substance


The conceptual foundations for this exhibition are contextualised by in-depth dissertation research and writing specifically designed to feed my degree show. Creating a substantial body of resolved film work: still images (derived from the films), staged photography presented in professional standard frames as well as plaster-based sculptures.

Curating an impactful space that facilitates broad scope for contemplation and interpretation, the subject matter regards the human condition with use of archetypal symbolism. Producing art that is concerned with the conscious and unconscious amongst other dualisms such as good and evil, being and non-being etc, giving visual form to these spectral concepts with varying degrees of ambiguity. This thoughtfully curated space provides the viewer an almost psychotic experience, (the conscious mind being overwhelmed with subconscious material).

There are many elements of performance in the film and photography often using my own image to evoke an aesthetic of evil, avoiding the temptation to project evil onto others as I explored psychoanalytic concepts such as shadow integration. The sculptures act as minimalist abstract eyes, metaphors for the unconscious being fully conscious, though not self-conscious, 'just as the eyes see, but do not see themselves' (Alan Watts).

Neil McCulloch featured image

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