Mina Eilertsen Hafsaas

Product Design BSc (Hons)

Ecokids provides primary schools with a kit used to create a fun, self-sufficient papermaking workshop to tackle the ongoing recycling issue.


“For the education sector, paper is the main type of waste, typically compromising at least a quarter of school waste” (Carter, 2020). After several interviews with people connected to primary schools, it became apparent that paper does get most wasted in schools. Furthermore, schools have been presented with recycling bins, and it is supposed to be part of their curriculum, however, it is difficult to maintain fully. To tackle this issue, we must teach the children first-hand to understand the importance of recycling, as well as reuse what limited resources the school has.

Ecokids provides primary schools with a kit used to create a self-sufficient papermaking workshop for the children to experience a recycling process, and teach them the value of a product from a young age. 

The kit delivered to the teachers contains the starting components needed to produce this workshop. The main component of the kit is a detailed brochure with instructions on how to make paper from scratch. There are several chapters in this brochure where some are optional, therefore the teacher can choose which ones are plausible for their school. The kit is just the starting point, with the brochure explaining how to keep it sustainable by reusing old items, such as old frames and t-shirts.

The tutorials include creating paper stencils, papermaking, creating seed paper, creating 3D creations and a new method of meshing paper into pulp using stones, without using a blender.

Paper-making kit

This image presents the Ecokids kit containing components used to create a papermaking workshop for primary school children. This is provided to the teacher.

Ecokids provides primary schools with this kit used to create a self-sufficient papermaking workshop

Paper-making workshop result

This image presents the user testing finishing by waiting for the paper to dry. The woman on the right is holding the Ecokids kit.

The end of the user test with this adorable child.

User experience pictures

Pictures taken from two different user experience tests.

User testing video

Tested the papermaking stages with this child.

There will be stands at the degree show where I am selling interesting paper I made.