Michael Cordiner

Fine Art BA (Hons)

Taking the piss of my dyslexia.


Michael Cordiner sitting in a chair with feet up

My work is split in two; the first being a space I would view as homely and turned upside down to mimic how I read written text, and the second being an everyday object that is overlooked and changing it ever so slightly, then taking photos of it in many different places.

 The development of my art, in this first part, is based around certain aspects of my dyslexia. I read printed text upside down most of the time and with a pink background to help me; read quicker, more accurately and more fluent. I created an upside-down room, inspired by the comfort of my home. The paintings are based off of paintings my parents own but are painted through my interpretation and a filter of pink, while also making my own paints and colour pallet being inspired by my dissertation topic.

The second part of my work is a continuation from 3rd year and my misspelling of the word "cautious" as "couches". I have taken this mistake and applied it to an object seen daily but that is ignored, a wet floor sign. This helped me describe and show people how easily I must second guess what I read because of how much my dyslexia effects my everyday life. They have also been documented in a family photo album style for where else they have been in Scotland.

Travel signs (favourites)

My favourite photos of my signs out and about Scotland.

Any questions about my work can be asked through my website or instagram. There is also more images of my work on my website.