Laura Hutchison

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

These collections are inspired by tree bark how by looking more closely at the bark there are so many more shapes and colours than at first glance.


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This project is inspired by tree bark and taking a closer look at trees. There are so many more shapes and patterns when looked at closer. I have been inspired by the tree bark at the botanical gardens in Dundee using this imagery looking at them closer and, in more detail, creating designs for the home interior, therefore creating designs that can bring nature into their homes and make them feel more connected with nature without going outside. My aim is to create designs using hand screen printing to create bright and interesting patterns that have been inspired by tree bark so that people can see and appreciate trees in a new way. To really make people look at tree bark and trees in a different way, and not only looking at them as another tree but to see how much more bark has to offer visually.


Final designs