Kirsty Bruce

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

PlayBales : an interactive textiles landscape to encourage play.


Portrait of Kirsty Bruce.

Create. Play. Reimagine. These three words define my practice within textiles. I have a playful approach to design, utilising energetic processes and injecting bold stories into my work. I have a passion for engagement and have the aim of prompting meaningful interactions between communities.

Formed by a variety of modular components, PlayBales is an interactive environment where users are invited to build their own personalised compositions for a meeting place, whatever that may mean to them. This project is based upon my own childhood nostalgia of the agricultural landscapes of rural Aberdeenshire where I grew up. Sourcing inspiration from the organic textures which became home comforts for me, my concept is based around hay bales which were so often transformed into building blocks for our build-your-own playground. 

Through a range of mixed media techniques, including stitch, fabric manipulation and hand printing processes, this project translates the dynamism of farming lifestyles as well as repeating linear structures of the countryside into a playful interiors context.

With a “please touch the artwork” approach, PlayBales provides a platform for opportunities of collaboration, play and reconnection with the natural world for participants of all ages through a collection of tactile surfaces.

People interact and play with the printed textile cubes


Two children play with the textile cubes.


Two children play with the textile cubes, stacking them up.


Smiling man sits on colourful patterned blocks in a composition similar to a bed, he types on laptop on knees.

Print Design Samples

Behind-the-scenes imagery of my work and updates on my practice can be found on my Instagram @kirstys_sketchbook where you can contact me for opportunities of collaboration, commissions or further information!