Hazel Duncan

Graphic Design BDes (Hons)

Good design starts with good ideas, great design starts with great coffee.


Hello! I’m Hazel. Throughout my final year at DJCAD I have worked on a diverse range of projects that focus on innovative problem-solving solutions. Aiming to showcase my admiration for various areas of Graphic Design, I completed projects ranging from ISTD, D&AD and a personal brief, utilising various techniques and overcoming diverse design challenges.


Duoship branding

How do you motivate 18-24-year-old Duolingo users to complete language lessons and continue the habit? Introducing Duoship, a collaborative campaign between Duolingo and Tinder, reinforcing the benefits of learning a language. Duoship aids users in finding love, teaching them to be fluent at flirting as users earn rewards that will leave them begging for more. Studies have shown that 75% believe that singles who are bilingual are significantly more attractive. So what better way to get your heart racing about language than a cheeky campaign ensuring love won’t get lost in translation.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the rabbit hole, book cover
Down the rabbit hole, publication design

A solution to the ISTD brief: Shaping the World. This publication explores the cultural impact of Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland in the 1960s. Analysing specifically the impact that Alice had on drug and popular culture. It allows the reader to experience a psychedelic journey of their own, growing and shrinking just as Alice did after taking curious substances. After all, the connection between Alice and LSD may leave the reader questioning what kind of trip down the rabbit hole did Alice really take?