Farah Hussain

Fine Art BA (Hons)

Farah Hussain's work entails identity, culture, entities, queerness, club culture and utopian worlds.


portrait photo of Farah Hussain

Farah’s practice explores identity, in particular her Pakistani upbringing and navigation as a Queer POC. Using alternative and potential realities, the work creates space for narratives that explore the survival of combined hybridity and questions the elements of the environment where the ‘self’ resides. The aesthetic of her work confides in a low-fi surreal world where colourful entities tell the stories. Her practice involves combining elements of installation, sculpture, moving image, and sound to produce immersive experiences. Working with emblems, symbolism, signifiers and traditions, she investigates intimacy, interconnection and re/constructing of culture and binary social construct. 

This year's body of work

blue sky with arabic writing
blue sky with arabic writing and images of women

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