Catherine Bellamy

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

The Bird, The Rock & The Sea, are three spatial interventions sitting on and inspired by the Elie coastline, enhancing the experience of the scenic landscape.


Located in the East Neuk of Fife, Elie is a hugely desirable destination for all kinds of visitors. Elie’s coastline, is an extremely unique and dynamic one. From it's historic volcanic rock type, to it’s sunken salt marsh and estuary that powers through from land to sea. 

The main objective for this project was designing sites that are suited to the coastal environment of Elie; as well as those who visit continually. Appreciating the value of the scenery, for what it is. Using the influences of this renowned landscape to inform sculptural pavilions, each with their own purpose.

In addition to this, there are very few opportunities to sit and investigate the environment to a further degree. I wanted to create evocative sites that captivated those who came along them, wanting to explore further. Elongating the experience they have of this environment, creating stronger, more unique memories. Sitting in such an environment demands designs that intrigue and delight, to rest and play, and even to seek out more from the landscape than what was once thought.

The three designs then, are each concerned with their own purposes and principles. However share the same design ethos, places that are intriguing, exciting and welcoming to all.

With the ability to rest, shelter, play and explore.

'The Bird' Visualisations.

A far out view of a parametric wooden pavilion, people walk up a dune hill towards the site. The treeline sits behind the site.
An abstracted edit of the site, 'The Bird', a parametric wooden design, is shown elevated in the sky at several levels, as if floating. Below this is a closer look at the site, people walking around and playing in the sun.
'The Bird' is eye-level, it is night time and the site is dimly lit.

‘The Bird’, focuses on the transparency of a viewpoint, undulating forms, and the layered complexity of the environment it sits in. Mirroring the trees beside it, the repetitive forms cast slices of light that cascade on the floor, sheltered from the elements but still able to observe all the surrounds.

'The Rock' Visualisations.

A large site, sitting in the same landscape, sand dunes and forest, is made of concrete and resembles the crest of a wave, which tower over the seats and curved walls below.
Image shows 'The Rock' with people sitting in and around the rock-like seats, under the wave-like canopies, a child is running with a dog, and people are enjoying reading or picnics around the spaces created.
Several pairs and groups of people approach the site, 'The Rock', the camera is very far away from the site so the entirety of it is seen in context to the landscape it sits in, which is grassy sand dunes and a tree-line sitting adjacently.

The second, ‘The Rock’, exemplifies the relationship of the sea and the rocks that cascade above and below the crashing waves. Curved forms contrast rocky outcrops, whilst canopies tower above, a wave waiting to crash and fall - frozen in time.

'The Sea' Visualisations.

Image shows 'The Sea', a site in which stilted metal beams, that are aesthetically rusted, under the stilts people are able to walk on the grass below the metal platform above it. Here there are miniature abstract, geometrical pods that frame the views out towards the sea.
'The Sea', is shown from the top of the platform, raised on the stilts and looking out to sea. Many people are on the level with the abstracted viewpoint pods, which are geometrical metallic shapes, usually turquoise or orange metals. The landscape beyond the structure is that of salt marshes and sand dunes, as well as of course the sea itself.

Finally, site three, ‘The Sea’, raised above, as if on the crest of a wave, people find themselves facing out to sea. The breath-taking, seemingly endless deep blue can be observed from a height, or a sheltered below. Mock-barnacles shelter and frame views with angular forms that jut in and out of each other.

Initial Site Visit to Elie.

My video shows my first visit to Elie, exploring the coastline and its beautiful and rich landscape, that went on to inform all of my designs.

Alongside my University studies, I sell lots of varying art work, ranging from landscape paintings, graphic design and even crochet pieces. This is my personal art account named, @bellgob, I am very passionate about fun and expressive art and design, this account is a more personal look into what I get up to. Bellgob is where you can commission me for all sorts of creative stuff, so please have a look! Thank you.