Barbara Szymiczek

Animation BDes (Hons)

I am specialising in Character Modelling and 3D Character Animation.


During my time studying Animation at DJCAD I explored different specialisms in search of a particular field to focus on. I have always been drawn to creating characters, so in my final year of this course, I chose to specialise in Character Modelling and 3D Animation. That way I could combine my love of character design with my interest in 3D.

The student film idea that I pitched last year was chosen, and I got a chance to direct a 3D animated graduation film called Knitman. During the production, I had to wear many hats. I designed three characters, did concept art, worked on storyboards, 3D layouts, modelling, texturing and animation. I have gained many valuable skills from this experience, as well as having grown as an artist and a person.

Baby Dragon

Baby dragon character I designed and modelled using ZBrush, Maya and Substance Painter

Knitman Character Designs

A set of character designs I made for Knitman

Axel the Axolotl Wanderer character design

A full body drawing of a stylised humanoid axolotl character and sketches exploring different poses and moods.

A character design of an axolotl wanderer cartoon character

Animation Showreel

Animation showreel consisting of the Knitman shots I have worked on as well as other individual projects