colour headshot

Using the discipline jewellery and metal design, I aspire to push the boundaries and convey how important the mind and the body are in identifying the world around us.

Researching the body and the brain is critical for my work, finding out how our bodies function and how we can mend and repair it, helping to drive my work in new and exciting directions. The focus of emotional connections to the skin helps to show the significance of our minds in influencing the changes in our bodies.

My chosen materials are mainly plastics and aluminium. However, CAD software such as Arduino and Rhino have helped to create work including intriguing data from the body. I have always loved working with people, and I wanted to convey this through allowing people to interact with my work. The textures and forms of my work also allow the wearer to interact with the pieces.

While experimenting with materials and forms that are not about functionality but about the directive and aesthetics of a piece, I strive to show the connections between the mind and body through my work and promote the message that your mind and body are significant in the movement of life.

Emotion Change Neck Piece

Large blue neck piece with yellow lighting