Jennifer Green

Textile Design BDes (Hons)

I'm Jennifer Green and I have explored the power of language in the context of discussing the female experience of Autism through my knit collection.


Jennifer Green

My work explores the female autistic experience through knit.

Comparing poetic structures with visual ones to explore the power and significance of the language used to discuss autistic women, I have subverted the male-led narrative that surrounds autism.

My work aims to subvert the aggressive and vulgar language used to describe women with Autism, how they are labeled as children and into adulthood. Autistic women are presented as a rarity, never represented in media like their male counterparts, or represented in a way that is devoid of any autonomy and driven by misconceptions. I intend that this work could be worn in a fashion context by other Autistic women wishing to reclaim and find pride in the labels imposed onto them.

Visually, I have made use of interrupted and misplaced text. Through the process of printing words used to hurt or label myself or other autistic women and then unravelling and re-knitting them to distort them, literally and symbolically removing their power and ability to hurt. Reclaiming language and labels and subverting ableist stereotypes.

Reclaimed disorder sample 1

Bright pink knitted sample featuring layered text which reads "Cold" "Manipulative" and "Bitch"

This sample aims to reclaim labels imposed on Autistic women by self labelling with individually layered knitted words.

Reclaimed Disorder sample 2

Grey knitted sample with small text which reads "SHE IS" and blurry black marks to indicate unreadable text underneath

Undoing printed text stating the misconceptions around women with Autism and allowing them to distort into nothingness. What this woman is, has been left up to your own interpretation.

My work has been heavily influenced by language itself, its ability to harm and damage, but in contrast, the ability of the oppressed to find healing in reclaiming it. Through experimenting with poetic structures I have explored the cathartic process of reclaiming language used to label me. This process was key to developing the words I have used in my final samples.

Bright pink knitted sample with alternating light and dark grey text featuring the words She is cautious vulnerable manipulative She has always been that type of girl

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I would love to continue to connect with people about the themes discussed in my work. Feel free to follow my Instagram and connect on Linkedin where I will be sharing more about upcoming exhibitions that I am participating in.