Graduate Apprenticeship in Engineering, Design and Manufacturing

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Our BEng (Hons) Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Graduate Apprenticeship is designed to produce graduates who can:

  • integrate engineering principles, materials and technology selection into structured design methodologies based on their application to real world challenges
  • understand the engineering environment including strategy development, leadership and business operations management knowledge to play a management role in engineering project planning and delivery
  • work closely and collaboratively with other employees, stakeholders and customers in a contemporary engineering organisation
  • project manage and think creatively supported by a set of problem-solving and modelling tools appropriate to engineering business operations

University-based learning

Teaching will take place one day a week in the University over 42 weeks a year. This will allow a two week break at both Christmas and Easter and a six week break in the summer.

Work-based learning

Work-based learning is integrated into the curriculum and assessed as a stand-alone component each year as apprentices build a body of work demonstrating their growing competence as engineers. These types of assessment recognise the diversity of engineering, enabling apprentices to reflectively analyse their areas of work which are often beyond the scope of the typical academic curriculum. The work-based learning assessments are also more inclusive, enabling apprentices to be recognised for their broader engineering abilities.


  • The Graduate Apprentice must be a resident in Scotland at the start of their programme.
  • Their usual place of work must be in Scotland.
  • They should not already have a qualification at the same level in the same subject.
  • They should also meet the University’s entry requirement.

Learning outcomes

Regular workshops with programme partners will review content in line with both employer and apprentice needs.

Year 1

  • Mathematics for Engineers I
  • Engineering Practice
  • Engineering Materials I
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Business Strategy & Management

Year 2

  • Mathematics for Engineers II
  • Research Skills
  • Computer Aided Design Software Applications
  • Physical Computing
  • Design Engineering
  • Business Finance & Accounting

Year 3

  • Mathematics for Engineers III
  • Manufacturing with Materials
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Advanced Computer Aided Design & Analysis
  • Electronic Design Systems
  • Manufacturing Operations Management

Year 4 – Honours Project Year

  • Project Risk Assessment
  • Advanced Materials and Engineering Design
  • Global Manufacturing Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Industrial Research Project

Entry requirements

Candidates should have one of:

  • a Modern Apprenticeship in a relevant area and Higher maths and a science or engineering higher (physics is preferred)
  • a Foundation Apprenticeship in a relevant area and Higher maths and a science or engineering higher (physics is preferred)
  • BBBB at Higher including maths and a science or engineering Higher (physics is preferred) or equivalent

If you have candidates who you would be interested in sending on this Graduate Apprenticeship, but do not have any formal qualifications they can:

We will work closely with you on the admission process. For example, if you are hiring a new employee as a Graduate Apprentice, we will happily discuss their qualifications prior to you hiring them so that we can check they are eligible to apply.