‌‌‌‌The following are paid through Accounts Payable:

  • Supplier invoices with valid PO

  • Invoices for self-employed individuals/personal service companies

  • Invoices paid by Direct Debit

  • Expenses - Staff/Student/External

  • Stipend/Bursary/Scholarship

Submission of supplier invoices

On commencement of the OneUniversity system, the University will introduce a ‘No PO/No Pay’ policy. For exceptions to this policy see Policy & legislation.

Accounts Payable operate ICR data capture and automatic invoice matching. Invoices carrying a valid Purchase Order number should be sent to invoices@dundee.ac.uk. Invoices should be submitted directly by the supplier. Where an invoice is received without a PO number, Accounts Payable will return the invoice excluding those on the No PO/No Pay exceptions list to the supplier requesting they contact the end user at the University. The end user should raise a retrospective purchase order if one does not already exist and provide the supplier with the PO number. 

If submitting an invoice with retrospective PO to invoices@dundee.ac.uk, please ensure the purchase order number is included in the body of the invoice to enable invoice matching, quoting the purchase order number in the body of the email will result in invoice match failure.

Invoices for goods/services listed on the No PO/No Pay Exceptions list should be sent to accountspayable@dundee.ac.uk ensuring the relevant coding string is included on the invoice.

Payment to suppliers

The University's payment terms are 30 days from invoice date. For UK suppliers, payment is made by BACS transfer. For International suppliers, payment is made by international funds transfer.

Payment to Self Employed/Personal Service Companies (IR35)

Please see Off-payroll (IR35) & self-employed worker status.



  • Staff should submit their expenses via the OneUniversity Expenses module.


Student Stipends

Accounts Payable deal with the payment of student stipends.

Students should complete the Stipend Payment - Bank Account Details form and return this to their School.

School/Directorate Finance teams are now responsible for the administration of student stipends. Where a new creditor profile is required for a student, the administrator should submit the completed Student Bank Details form to stipends-ap@dundee.ac.uk and cc g.findlay@dundee.ac.uk. Notification of creditor set up will be confirmed by return of email.

The Accounts Payable Manager will advise the spreadsheet submission date for each month and process the completed spreadsheets in time for the final payment run of that month. International payments should be set up on a separate spreadsheet with the foreign currency amount. *Individual spreadsheets are required for each currency and referenced in the spreadsheet name


Accounts Payable will submit payments for the University and it’s subsidiaries as follows:

  • Monday:         Subsidiaries

  • Tuesday:        Staff expenses and International suppliers/claims

  • Wednesday:   UoD Commercial/External Claims

                               Student Claims/Discretional