‌The Accounts Payable section deals with all (non-cash) payments by the University.

How to request payment of invoices

Authorised Signatures

All invoice payments require an authorised signature from your School or Directorate and an internal account code. Each new project/activity requires a new element 3 code to be issued to your department.

Authorisation documents:

Coding Grid

Each invoice should be accompanied by either a signed Invoice Coding Grid or with a single code rubber stamp on the invoice. A rubber stamp can be obtained from the Accounts Payable Office.

Coding System

  • Code Element 1 = the type of expenditure or income e.g. travel, stationery, consultancy income.
  • Code Element 2 = he main budget or department e.g. finance, politics.
  • Code Element 3 = the project or internal sub analysis of a budget.
  • Code Element 4 = either a local code to assist with budget monitoring and analysis or a pre-defined code for research related activities.

Invoice payment documents:

Payment to suppliers

The normal terms of payment are 30 days from invoice date. Payment is made by BACS transfer, in exceptional circumstances, a Direct Debit Coding Grid can be arranged if this is the only method of payment available. See the Procurement Manual for Purchasing regulation information on the Procurement website.

Information for payment of Self-employed invoices can be found on our Payroll page.

How to request reimbursement of expenses

The Accounts Payable section deal with all the claims for out-of-pocket expenses incurred by:

Find out more information about Staff Reimbursement Policy

How to pay Foreign invoices

The University uses Santander to make foreign currency payments. Such payments should be highlighted when completing the authorisation and coding of invoices. They should be sent to Accounts Payable who will arrange the payment through the Santander system. 

How to pay Student Stipends

The Accounts Payable Office deal with all the claims for Student Stipends. Students should complete the Stipend Payment - Bank Account Details‌ form and return this to their Department.

The Department will then complete the Stipend Payment Request and return this together with the Bank Account Details form to the Accounts Payable Office.  

Payment Runs

  • Accounts Payable submit payments to Bacs every Wednesday, with Bacs transfers normally taking 2 bank working days.
  • The exception to this is the week of month end when a Bacs file will be submitted on the 3rd last working day.
  • Payment requests must be submitted to Accounts Payable in a timely manner if they are to be processed on the next available payment run and must be clearly marked if payment is urgent. This excludes self employed invoices which Accounts Payable must submit to Payroll first for payment determination.