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The Security Centre is the main location for the University Campus Security Team

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Corner of Peters Lane and Airlie Terrace, at the rear of the Main Library


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Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The University Campus Security Team consists of 20 men and women who staff the Security Centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our job is to help the University provide a safe and secure environment for all our staff, students and visitors. We are always available to provide assistance and guidance in all security issues related to our University, our people, and our property.

The Campus Security Centre is located behind the Main Library, just off Airlie Terrace. This location is normally staffed 24-hours a day, unless all the on-site Security Officers have left to attend a serious incident. In the rare event that the Security Centre is not manned, Security can always be reached by telephone. Our Emergency phone number is 4141 and can be dialled directly by any campus phone or 01382 384141 from any mobile phone. Our non-emergency number is 85850 or 01382 385850.


The University has installed CCTV cameras at strategic external locations to complement those systems operating in various buildings. The system will be extended to cover the entire City campus, and also Ninewells campus. The system will be monitored and recorded and any incidents or crimes captured on camera will be passed to the police and may also be used in any University disciplinary proceedings.


If you are the victim of a crime or if you have been subject to harassment or assault, or if you wish to report a security matter please complete a Security Incident Report. The report will be sent by email to the Security Manager. This can be submitted anonymously if desired.

It is important that all security incidents are reported to help us prevent recurrence and if you see anything or anyone suspicious please tell us immediately. In an emergency contact the police without delay.

Assistance points

To date, six separate Assistance points have been installed on campus. These points provide instant 2-way communications with Security and immediately dispatch a security response upon activation. The user is able to stay in constant communication under video surveillance as security is dispatched to assist. Two have been installed in staff parking locations which were identified as the most remote. Four assistance points were placed with the involvement and consultation with DUSA on the most common routes students use through campus.

Found or lost property

The Campus Security Group regularly receives found property and deals with enquiries concerning lost property. You are advised to contact them if you have lost something or you find property that needs to be safeguarded until the owner is identified.

Campus Security Group

The Campus Security Group is chaired by a Deputy Principal and includes representatives from Schools, departments, the Safety Office, the Students Association and the police. It receives reports from the Security Manager and agrees future strategies to improve and develop safety on campus. Shoud you have any suggestions on how we might enhance security please contact the Security Manager in the first instance.

Emergency - 4141 or 01382 384141

Non-Emergency 85850 or 01382 385850

Email: Security@dundee.ac.uk

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