A Nongkrong (hangout) Class: Forming a Speculative Collective

Thursday 9 December 2021

Online workshop facilitated by GUDSKUL

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Thursday 9 December 2021, 13:00 - 15:00
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In this latest version of Gudskul’s knowledge-sharing and mapping exercises, participants are invited to form a ‘Speculative Collective’. Using a format which Gudskul have employed in many iterations around the world, this workshop takes the simple format of a class. Borne from research around the supply and demand of knowledge, the space of the ‘classroom’ is used as a performative tool to explore collectivising ‘know-how’ through direct practice. This participatory event invites strangers to meet, converse and share what they consider to be ‘knowledge’ by occupying the roles of both teacher and student in a quick to-and-fro. Gudskul recognise that in their collective they have a resource of knowledge from their members, and this is what has allowed Gudskul to survive and change. For them, Gudskul is truly a school: a speculative collective.

This workshop forms part of The Ignorant Art School Sit-in Curriculum #2.

Participant information

When the class starts, we will assign everyone in the room into pairs. After the pairs are set, one participant will be asked to take the role of a teacher by teaching whatever they want to the other who takes on the role of a student. The knowledge exchange could be sharing a hobby, skill, an idea or recipe etc. Then coupling with another pair, they form a speculative collective, to imagine what they could do as a new group based on their exchanges in the workshop. This workshop is open to everyone regardless background.

The workshop will be held on Zoom with discussion in breakout rooms. Participants will receive an online meeting link upon sign-up and further information about the event. 

A view from above a row of people sitting in chairs on a black floor

Image credit: Knowledge Market, Gudskul Collective Study batch #1, Photo Jin Panji / Gudskul, 2018

Facilitator biography

Gudskul: Collective and Contemporary Art Ecosystem Studies is an educational platform formed by three Jakarta-based art collectives: ruangrupa, Serrum and Grafis Huru Hara. Since the early 2000s, we have been respectively undertaking collective practice in the field of contemporary art. In 2015, we joined forces to form a common ecosystem, Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, whose values emerge from our understanding of the collective process: equity, sharing, solidarity, friendship and togetherness.  Learning from this working experience, in 2018 Gudskul initiated a knowledge-sharing platform open to everyone interested in the practice of similar approaches.

Gudskul Collective Studies is a one-year programme intensively discussing and activating a collective point of view as a form of working method in art and culture. The programme consists of 11 subjects which support one another as collective works: Collective Practice Intelligence; Collective Sustainability Strategy; Collective Practice Review; Collective Culture Discourse; Spatial Practice; Knowledge Garden; Articulation and Curation; Art Collective Laboratory; Public relations; Intermedia; Workshop.

Funding support

The Ignorant Art School Sit-in #2 at Cooper Gallery, DJCAD is supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland and the Goethe-Institut Glasgow.

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Image credit

  • Knowledge Market, Gudskul Collective Study batch #1, Photo Jin Panji / Gudskul, 2018

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