Theme Lead - Divya Jindal Snape

An image for the ELT themeThe Educational and Life Transitions (E&LT) theme has been focussing on transition across the life course, especially those linked to educational transitions (but by no means exclusive to education). 

This E&LT research theme aligns with the University's Research Centre for Transformative Change: Educational and Life Transitions (TCELT). The former is a School Academic theme whereas the latter is a university wide centre with added representatives from different Schools across the university. The Centre is hosted within the School of Education and Social Work.

The research in the E&LT theme has highlighted the positive, dynamic and complex nature of transitions with the need to understand them as:

  1. an on-going process
  2. holistic and dynamic (Educational and Life Transitions theory, E&LT)
  3. multiple and multi-dimensional (Multiple and Multi-dimensional Transitions theory, MMT) with changes in identity
  4. requiring on-going support (SN-ABC theory) to ensure the wellbeing of the individual and significant others such as their family, peers and professionals