Resources for Teachers

BP Read On Video Resource Pack

The Paired Reading and Thinking text resources for teachers include detailed practical guidance and freely reproducible materials to help teachers in planning, operating, monitoring and evaluating a project, together with materials for children to use.

Many of these are available for free downloading from the University of Dundee Read On website (see below).

Master copies of all these materials in the form of a project co-ordinator's handbook are also available in the BP Read On Video Resource Pack, together with a video, lively newsletters, and sample supplementary materials for children and parents (introductory leaflets, bookmarks, stickers, posters, etc).

The video is particularly useful for professional development activities with teacher colleagues, and for demonstration purposes when training children to participate in projects. Further copies of the newsletters and supplementary materials for children can be ordered at no extra charge as required.

(Note that the video is in PAL VHS format. Educators needing an NTSC VHS version for use in the USA will need to make their own transfer locally or use a multi-system tape player).

A DVD is available at a nominal charge (£15 + £5 p&p). Order from: Centre for Peer Learning, School of Education, University of Dundee, Dundee DD1 4HN, tel 01382 383000, email Payment by cheque is required with the order.

In addition to those listed below, resources for Paired Reading, Thinking, Writing and Spelling will be found on the Thinking, Reading, Writing web site (

Phase 1 Paired Reading Resource Materials

Phase 2 Paired Reading & Thinking Resource Materials

Additional Resource Materials

Paired Reading & Thinking Monitoring Checklist

Phase 1: Paired Reading - Teacher Observations Questionnaire