Centre for Peer Learning

Centre for Peer Learning

The Centre for Peer Learning develops and researches tutoring systems for use by peers, parents, volunteers and others who are not professional teachers. It has interests in the role computers can effectively play in such interactions.

Beyond tutoring, it also works in related areas such as mentoring and cooperative learning. It is internationally known for its pioneering work, including:

  • Systems for peer, parent and volunteer tutoring of reading, spelling, writing, maths, science and language.
  • Systems for peer tutoring in complex concepts and skills in university, professional and other workplace settings.
  • Systems for family literacy and community education.

CPL tutoring systems are active and interactive. They are designed so that both tutees and tutors gain. Goals for CPL systems always include:

  • High Effectiveness
  • High Cost-effectiveness
  • Ease of Replication
  • High Organisational Durability

Examples of Projects:

  • Upper primary children tutoring younger ones in process writing.
  • Primary school children tutoring classmates in spelling.
  • Reciprocal tutoring with children with learning/emotional disabilities.
  • Parents tutoring their own children at home in reading.
  • Undergraduates tutoring secondary children in science in class.
  • Undergraduates tutoring each other in maths and statistics.
  • Professionals mentoring potential university entrants.
  • Peer Assessment in higher education and schools.

Further Enquiries

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Details of relevant resources: Keith Topping's Research Profile