Bridging the Gap to Success

Images from the Bridging the Gap Knowledge Exchange event 2017

On a beautiful sunny evening on 25th May 2017, the School of Education and Social Work opened its doors to welcome over 100 delegates to the inaugural Bridging the Gap Knowledge Exchange event. Attendees came from across Scotland to listen to a varied panel of speakers discussing how they each aim to bridge the gap in their respective areas.

The first of our guest speakers, Selina Hales of Refuweegee, delivered an inspiring talk where she outlined her belief in the power of community: a key component to the success of Refuweegee’s efforts to welcome refugees to Glasgow with a starter pack and ‘letter fae the locals’.

Caroline McKenna from Dundee International Women’s Centre (DIWC) followed Selina, discussing DIWC’s aims to ensure that all women can achieve their goals and aspirations, regardless of where they have come from. As she so eloquently put it: ‘Where doors around the world are closing, DIWC’S are open.’ The centre’s tremendous work was exemplified through Dalia's story: an asylum seeker to community member, with a helping hand from DIWC who sought for Dalia to regain her confidence.

Audience members were then invited to listen to a series of thrilling lightening talks from Jo Mawdsley (V&A Dundee), Professor Divya Jindal-Snape, Professor Chris Murray, Professor Tiina Soini, Pete Glen and two student prize winners: Ambreen Alam and Tina Reuter. From comic strips to poetic verses, delegates were offered truly innovative ways to bridge the gap towards social justice and were challenged to think about how they could be doing more in their community.

When workplace practices can easily dampen one’s spirit or force them to become disillusioned with the the bigger picture, the overwhelming response from the event was that it acted as a ‘refresher’ to remind us that we can promote social justice in everything that we do.

We look forward to seeing this event grow and develop in the future and can’t wait to see where it goes next. More of the event can be found at #UoDTheGap17