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Privacy notice for UoD App

Updated on 1 October 2021

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How we use your information

The University offers an app for mobile devices as part of the services offered by the University.

View information on the app and its functionality

The UoD app is an additional service we make available. There is no obligation to use the app to access University services.

The UoD app is provided by a third party company, Ex Libris. Upon downloading the app you will be required to read and agree to the Ex Libris End User Licence Agreement. You should make sure that you are comfortable with the terms of the agreement before proceeding.

This privacy notice sets out how we use your information. Please note that Ex Libris also have access to your information for provision and support of the app. The Ex Libris Privacy Policy is available here and you should make sure that you understand how they will use their data before downloading and using the app.

If you choose to use the app you will be asked to provide some personal data directly. Some of your data will also come from integrations with other University systems.

Your data is used to:

  • Authenticate to the app
  • Access and display information within the app including:
    • Library account (loans, requests, fines)
    • Library search
    • Barcode for Library entry
    • Reading Lists
    • Library chat
    • Timetable
    • Email

The app provides analytics data on how users interact with it and this data is available to the University. Small amounts of personal data may be contained within analytics data, but the University will only consider data in aggregate and ensure that it is anonymised for the purposes of our internal analysis. If usage data is published, for example in reports about the services offered by the University, we will ensure that it is anonymised.

The app allows for push notifications to be sent to your device. This functionality is used in exceptional circumstances such as extreme weather which has resulted in the closure of buildings or reduction in services. If you do not wish to receive notifications from the UoD app, these can be turned off at the point of download or later via the settings on your device.

Personal data

Information is not stored in the UoD app, it is presented directly from the data source API (Application Programming Interface) to the mobile app for the provision of services such as ‘timetable’, ‘my library’, ‘library entry’, ‘email’ and ‘reading lists’.

Some services are provided in the app as a link to other third party apps available via your app store,  for example you will be prompted to download the Blackboard app (for My Dundee) or the Yoyo app to make use of these tiles. Please ensure you read any privacy policy, privacy notice or end user license agreements associated with these apps before downloading.

Information including device platform and model are gathered for the purpose of analytics and to inform app usage. You may be identifiable in some of the analytics information but the University of Dundee will only use aggregated analytics information to understand overall UoD app uptake and use.

From the April 2019 release of CampusM (made available for use on the UoD app from August/September 2019) users can enable a biometric lock for the app. This is an optional feature which can be enabled/disabled at any time using the app settings. If enabled, the devices selected biometric prompt such as face ID or fingerprint (that which was previously enabled in the device settings) will be presented each time the app is accessed as an additional security feature to protect information contained within the app. For older devices, the devices PIN/Passcode can be enabled.

  • For iOS the biometric options are Face ID and Touch ID (fingerprint)
  • For Android the biometric options are Fingerprint, Face ID and Iris.

How biometric information is accessed by the app

  • The biometric option will be set up locally on the device using the device security settings
  • The University of Dundee and our third party app supplier Ex Libris will have no access to the data on the device and will not access or store any of the biometric data, all forms of touch ID, fingerprint, face ID, iris and pin number happen locally on the device.

Biometric functions and pin number unlock for the app are not intended to replace user login to the app, this will still be completed by using University of Dundee username and password.

The lock features provided on the device are provided by the device operating system provider, before enabling the lock features on the device you should make sure you are familiar with how the data is used by the phone operating system provider:

  • iOS devices -
  • Android devices
    • You should also check the biometric security information specific to your phone manufacturer/device

The personal data required for provision of the UoD app is:

Category/Area Personal data

General Information

General end user information and identification details.


  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Username

Device Data

The following are gathered along with usage data as part of the systems analytics capabilities.


  • Device identifier
  • Platform
  • Model



Notifications and alerts from the app


This data also enables the sending of alerts and notifications to your device.

Data sent to us when you provide feedback via the app

  • Page title
  • Feedback Text
  • Device Data detailing your phone model
  • Your University of Dundee email address

Analytics Usage Data

Analytical data used to inform app usage.


  • Date and time registered for the app
  • Hit type
  • Hit description
  • URL
  • Device data
  • IP address

Reading Lists

  • Module enrolments


  • Class timetable information


Special categories of personal data

No special categories of personal data are required for the provision of services via the UoD app.

Data controller

The data controller for your personal information is the University of Dundee. The University's data processor for the UoD app is Ex Libris who provide the platform we use, CampusM.

Lawful processing

Your personal data is processed within the UoD app further to you consent (evidenced by your decision to download the app and accept its terms and conditions of use).

To stop using the app please delete it.

Your rights

The University respects your rights and preferences in relation to your data. If you wish to update, access, erase, limit or complain about the use of your information, please let us know by emailing You may also wish to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.


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