Responsible use of metrics: our statement of commitment

Updated on 18 January 2023

The University's statement of commitment on the responsible use of metrics.

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Our Statement of Commitment

In alignment with our strategic commitment to create a vibrant research culture which prioritises researcher integrity and inclusivity (Enabling Strategy on Research with Impact, 2022), and our commitment to “introduce practices that deepen the shared understanding of excellence of academic and professional service staff.” (Enabling Strategy on People and Talent, 2022), the University of Dundee commits to the Responsible Use of Metrics, with an emphasis on the qualitative review of research.

Concurrent with our implementation of DORA, and drawing upon the criteria detailed in The Metric Tide and guidance from Wellcome, the University of Dundee requires all those involved in research assessment to:

  • Recognise that to support a research culture that is both varied in disciplines and research approaches, we should develop research assessment processes that embrace and acknowledge the diversity of research, and that these processes should be regularly reviewed.
  • Provide clear details and maintain records of what research assessment has taken place, and how it was conducted, so that the processes of assessment, whether for promotion or for recruitment, are transparent.
  • Aim to de-prioritise the use of metrics, such that when metrics are used as part of the research assessment process, they are not used in isolation, and should be supported by qualitative review inclusive of all types of research outputs.
  • Be aware of the quality of data underpinning metrics, when used, and regularly review the appropriateness and currency of indicators and datasets used in the generation of metrics.
  • Apply appropriate research assessment as befits the stage of career of the individual being assessed.
  • Ensure that the research being assessed is recorded in the University of Dundee’s institutional repository, The Discovery Research Portal, regardless of what form the research output takes.

Next steps

Our Statement of Commitment is intended as an instrument for change that will steer the University towards implementing processes to review and build upon our understanding of, and commitment to, the Responsible Use of Metrics and qualitative review. We recognise that there is more to be done through advocacy, consultation, procedural review and policy implementation and will regularly review and update our Statement as our position evolves in line with best practice.

What do we mean by the responsible use of metrics?

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