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Privacy notice for JISC Learning Analytics Services

Updated on 19 May 2020

How the University of Dundee process the personal information of users of Turnitin during a pilot project

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How we use your information

The University is participating in a pilot project to use learning analytics.

The first step is to look at assessment data to see what it reveals about attainment across the University.

The University has instructed Turnitin (who provide our system for the online submission of assignments and our plagiarism detection software) to send the required data to JISC (an organisation that provides digital services and infrastructure to universities) so that we can analyse it using their secure learning data hub.

The University’s contract with JISC could allow the transfer of additional elements of student personal data and sensitive (special categories) personal data to the JISC learning data hub in due course. However, the use of any additional personal data by the University in this way will only take place after appropriate review and with the approval of the University’s Executive Group.

This privacy notice concerns the pilot phase only (the Turnitin data). It will be updated should the University’s activity in this domain change.

Eighteen months of assessment data will be transferred from Turnitin to JISC during the pilot project. It will remain in JISC’s system during the pilot project. At the conclusion of the pilot, and subject to review, the University will either ask JISC to continue to process this information on the University’s behalf or instruct them to remove this data from their systems.

This privacy notice is in addition to the fair processing information provided to you at matriculation and further to the University’s Terms and Conditions of Registration:

‘Your data…is used:

when undertaking learning analytics based upon metrics such as access to e-learning environments and resources, library access, academic performance and/or attendance. Learning analytics data may be used both to support you in your studies or, in an anonymised form, be used to improve the University’s educational programmes and services;’

Personal data

The data to be transferred during the pilot project is:


Object Fields

Class information

  • Class ID

  • Title

Assignment information

  • Turnitin Assignment ID

  • Title of the Assignment

  • Assignment start date

  • Assignment due date

  • Assignment post date

Submission Information

  • Paper ID

  • Assignment title

  • Number of times a file has been uploaded

  • Date uploaded

  • ID of user who uploaded the assignment (latest submission)

  • Character count

  • Word count

  • Grade awarded

  • Assignment ID

  • Number of pages

  • Student ID

  • Student email

Originality Report

  • Paper ID

  • Similarity score

Sensitive (special categories) of personal data

No sensitive personal data is required during the pilot project.

Data controller

The data controller for your personal information is the University of Dundee. The University’s data processor is JISC SERVICES LTD. Our contract is for the use of JISC LEARNING ANALYTICS SERVICES. JISC’s service provider is AMAZON WEB SERVICES, based in Dublin.

IT have reviewed the security measures for your personal data and approved them as appropriate.


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