Fertility Treatment Leave

An outline of the University's policy and procedure on Fertility Treatment Leave.

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The University recognises that fertility treatment is a stressful and emotionally demanding experience.

To support members of staff who are undergoing treatment personally, we will allow up to 5 days paid leave in any academic year for investigations or treatment. These days may be taken as a block of 5 days or separately as necessary. A maximum of 10 days overall will be available to individual members of staff.

To be eligible for leave for fertility treatment, staff must have been continuously employed by the University for 26 weeks.

If you require leave for fertility treatment you should advise your Discipline Lead/Dean/Director or approach Human Resources to do so on your behalf. A letter from the hospital/clinic where you are being treated should be provided to your Discipline Lead/Dean/Director, stating the expected week and the duration of the investigations or treatment. HR will confirm your leave arrangements with you in writing.

Request for leave for fertility treatment will be treated in the strictest confidence.


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1 June 2020


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